Foreign Exchange

MJ Hudson benchmarks an annual volume of around 800,000 FX deals worth over $2 trillion annually for more than 80 clients.

FX data is sourced by MJ Hudson directly from custodian banks or sometimes from the client (when requested). MJ Hudson analyses the transaction costs of all the FX trading data for any chosen peer group, counterparty or group of counterparties.

The “opportunity loss” associated with the FX trades and can be analysed by:

  • Deal size
  • Trade type
  • Currency
  • Counterparty

With MJ Hudson FX services client can obtain:

  • Tangible financial benefits for their accounts ranging from $1 million to $20 million per annum
  • Demonstration of proven due diligence process to third party clients
  • Improved counterparty management

MJ Hudson undertakes both ongoing FX Benchmarking and also one-off historic audits.

Key Contact

Tom Robertson

Managing Director

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