Custody Contract Review

The Contract review compares (on a commercial and/or legal basis) the provisions and terms of the client’s existing custodian contract with best practice.

From a commercial perspective, MJ Hudson has identified 25 Key Provisions that, in our view, should be included in any custody contract entered into. For each of these key provisions, we outline up to 6 differing levels used by different custodians across their clients. We will benchmark how each of these Key Provisions have been treated within your own contract, against other clients of your own custodian, the market in general and also against what MJ Hudson consider as the preferred position.

In addition, MJ Hudson can also carry out a full legal review of your Custody contract, using the skill and expertise of MJ Hudson | Law. This removes the requirement to engage external legal services.

Within the reporting and analysis that MJ Hudson provide, we will highlight key areas within the contract, both good and bad, along with suggestions of where the contract falls below our expectations and could be strengthened to the benefit of the client.

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